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Shabby Chic Baby Shower Theme
November 16, 2015

The Shabby Chic Baby Shower

With its soft neutral colors, a shabby chic décor is a lovely choice for your baby shower. This feminine, relaxed, romantic style reminds us of generations past where joy can be found in the little things of life. Having a Shabby Chic Baby Shower is perfect if you’d love the tone of your party to be sweet & inviting.

To achieve a shabby chic look for your baby shower, you’ll need to gather a few key items and follow a few style rules.

You’ll want to gather items that speak to the Shabby Chic romanticism by a link to the past – either real or imagined.

For your display areas for the baby shower’s gift table, food table, etc. look to find older furniture that has known several layers of paint. You may find the perfect pieces by looking through your garden shed, attic or garage! Paint your finds in a soft pastel color here and there and you’ve got shabby chic baby shower gold. Get creative.

For decoration, go with white and soft, pastel colors.

Again, a trip to the attic, garage or garden shed might provide you with the quaint type of items that are no longer functional in modern times, but a perfect backdrop for decorations. You may find an old wheel, garden tool, kitchen appliance or old suitcase that will provide your shabby chic charm. For a good shabby chic baby shower, find some of the older items, give them a soft pink or blue twist and use them for something new! Think… mason jars as candle holders, tin cans with linen bows to hold cutlery, tea cups as vases. Even teacup & saucers with flowers as a centerpiece or using lace around your cupcakes. Get creative :).

Once you’ve got your bigger items in place, dress the baby shower up using the very shabby chic textiles of washed out linen, cotton, lace or even burlap.

You can make a beautiful table runner with old lace your grandmother has lying around, or attach lace to the sides of your tables. Use sweet pastel floral patterns as table cloths, and create gorgeous flags & streamers with the old fabric scraps. You can’t go wrong as long as you stay in the pastel colors, with nothing too bright, and you use your creativity and better judgment. Try things out!

A classic trick is to use Mason jars for everything from drinks to centerpieces. You can tie beautiful fabric around your mason jars or wrap them in lace for a beautiful shabby chic effect that will have your baby shower guests completely charmed.

Old frames are also a classic in baby showers with a shabby chic theme. Use them for announcements, or as the frame for a chalkboard.

Baby’s breath is always a nice addition to a baby shower, but especially a shabby chic baby shower with its soft white.

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