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Safari Baby Shower Ideas
December 26, 2016

Safari Baby Shower Ideas

A safari baby shower is a really cute & fun option for either a boy or a girl. Who doesn’t love baby animals?!

The possibilities and ideas for a safari baby shower are endless and can be so much fun to organize. There’s a lot you can buy and a lot of safari themed baby shower things you can do yourself. Here are a number of Safari Baby Shower ideas that are inspired by baby animals, the jungle and your new baby!


Depending on the venue, you can have a really cute & friendly safari baby shower or you can absolutely class it up, using gold spray paint, and high quality fabrics. Work with the venue you have. Somebody’s home? Go cute and friendly. A beautiful hall? Perhaps dress it up a little!


There are so many good decoration ideas for a safari baby shower. It’s exciting, but may get a little overwhelming! Pick and choose the ones that fit with your venue, guests and creative energy!

To achieve the jungle/safari feel in your baby shower, jazz up your space with:

  • Trees.
  • Baby Animals.
  • Animal Prints.

Some great safari baby shower decoration ideas include:

  • Creating palm trees with brown balloons, green leaves attached to the ceiling & streamers hanging down.
  • Using animal print duct tape to decorate anything ranging from water bottles to vases to table cloths.
  • Using stuffed animals as centerpieces, as part of a diaper cake or hanging from balloons on the ceiling!
  • Use plastic animal toys (spray painted) as decoration glued onto candy bowls, for display, …
  • Use green and yellow streamers to create a jungle vine look in your living room.
  • Getting animal print at the fabric store and using it them as table cloths.
  • Name your different stations or food items with jungle inspired names: “The Water Hole”, “Jungle Juice”, “Cheetah Chips”, “Zebra cakes”, “Gorilla Grapes”, “Tasty Vines”, “Tarzan Treats”… anything you can think of!
  • Don’t forget the music! Choose something safari like.

Safari Baby Shower Theme Ideas for Favors:

  • Use animal crackers.
  • Get jungle-themed candy: Think those hard yellow bananas and other fruit type candy…
  • Give candy in jars where you’ve glued an animal on top
  • Use animal print favor boxes

Safari Baby Shower Game Ideas

Games make a party, a very fun party. It’s great if you can stay in the theme and here are a few great safari baby shower games.

  • Get your guests to match animal names with their baby animal names (lowkey game people can play at their tables)
  • Get your guests to match animals with the number of gestation days (lowkey game people can play at their tables)
  • Have your guests write down an animal for each letter of the alphabet (Get them into groups and make it a race, the group that gets all of them first wins a prize!)
  • For a more physical safari game, turn tin cans into elephant paws by painting toenails on them and pulling a string through them so that your guests can walk on the tin cans. Make it a relay race!
  • You can “Safari-up” any game, by simply adding some animal print decoration to them! There are a lot of options to buy.

There is a lot you can buy for safari baby showers, a lot of games come with this theme. It’s also relatively easy to get tableware in the safari/jungle theme. We hope the ideas here were ways to make it your own!

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