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Places to Have a Baby Shower
June 22, 2016

Great Places for a Baby Shower

When you’re organizing a baby shower, one of the most important decisions is where you will host the baby shower. There are innumerable places to have a baby shower.It can be in a priv ate home (although not the parents’-to-be), in a restaurant, outdoors – in a park or backyard, in a reception hall, a church hall or community center hall, a local tea room or even a hotel suite! All you really need is a place to gather your guests and have a good time!

Elements to consider when picking a place to have a baby shower

When you’re searching for the perfect place to have a baby shower, consider these elements.

How many guests will you have?
You will need a place to accommodate that many people. Is a living room big enough? Or do you need to rent a space?

If you’re considering a private home, who is the hostess?
Is she willing to open her home for the decorating, the baby shower and the clean up? Is she on good terms with the guests? Unfortunately, it does sometimes happen that there is some bad blood between family members and they might refuse to set foot in eachothers’ homes. That too is something you need to consider when you’re looking for a place to have your baby shower. If there is a lot of tension among the guests, you might look for a neutral place. Try to steer clear from the mom-to-be hosting her own baby shower. It can be a lot of work and she has a lot more to deal with at the moment than cleaning up.

Who are the guests?
Are they likely to feel more comfortable in the park, enjoying the outdoors? Or is a fancy hotel suite more appropriate? Are they more comfortable in a church or a community centre? Where do they live? Can you choose a geographically convenient point for many of your guests?

What kind of budget do you have?
Although at first glance, it might seem more cost-effective holding the baby shower in a private home, it might not be the best place. You will need to do a lot of work decorating the place and might end up spending a lot more than you would in a place that already looks great and doesn’t need much extra decoration.

What kind of ambiance do you want to have?
This may be the most important question when considering the place you’ll hold your baby shower. You may have already made that decision when thinking about the theme. Do you want it to be fun and playful? Elegant? Laid-back? The place you will choose will need to reflect that. The place you will be in during the baby shower will vastly impact the general mood.

What kind of weather can you expect?
If you’re planning to be outside, make sure you have a plan B incase the weather doesn’t collaborate.

Places to have a baby shower that may suit your needs:
  • Private Home
  • Restaurant
  • Hotel Suite
  • Community Centre Hall
  • Church Hall
  • Community Hall in a Condo complex
  • Back yard
  • Park

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