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DIY Baby Shower Decorations
October 18, 2015

Do-It-Yourself Decorations

DIY baby shower decorations have the advantage of being fun to make, use your creativity and most often will be quite budget friendly! You can make some truly original decorations if you just put in a little time. Here are three favorite DIY baby shower decorations that anyone can make – whether you believe you have developed DIY skills or not.

DIY Baby Shower Decoration #1: A Balloon Cloud with Rain Drops

(to SHOWER the mother-to-be with gifts). Super tip: Hang it above your Gifts’ table! This super cute DIY baby shower decoration will require:

  • Yarn (Color of your choice)
  • White String
  • Tape
  • Balloons (Color of your choice, 12)
  • Big Needle
  • Card Stock
  • Foam Sheet
  • Pencil
  • Scissors
Step 1 for the DIY Balloon Rain Cloud: Create your Rain.

A) Creating the Raindrops

  1. Draw the shape of a raindrop onto your card stock. Make it about 2 inches tall.
  2. Cut the raindrop out.
  3. Use your cardboard raindrop as a stencil on your white foam sheet.
  4. Draw as many as will fit onto the foam sheet.
  5. Cut your raindrops out.

B) Now that you have your raindrops, you want to string them together on the yarn.

  1. Thread the yarn through the needle.
  2. Punch a hole through the top of your first raindrop and a hole through the bottom of your first raindrop.
  3. Leave space & Do this for your second raindrop.
  4. Make a garland 5 ft long.
  5. Make a knot at the end.
Step 2 for the DIY Balloon Rain Cloud: Create your balloon clouds.

A) Inflate your balloons and make clusters of three balloons, using needle and string.
B) Hang your balloon clusters on the ceiling creating a cloud shape, using tape.
C) Attach the rain to your balloon cloud using tape.

Step 3: Pat yourself on the back for this fine piece of DIY baby shower decoration.

Enjoy as your guests enjoy the pun of your DIY balloon cloud, hanging over your gift table.
Another great DIY variation is to use a suspended umbrella instead of balloons!

DIY Baby Shower Decoration #2: The baby sock clothes line!

What’s cuter than a tiny little baby foot? Not much.
This has a double advantage of being a super easy DIY baby shower decoration, a useful gift for the mother-to-be, and easy to find in different colours.

What you’ll need for the baby sock clothes line DIY baby shower decoration:

  • Clothespins
  • String or yarn
  • Tape
  • Baby socks of the right colour

All you need to do for this baby shower DIY project is to hang up your clothes line, and pin the adorable little socks to it! A great DIY option for decorating windowsills, fireplaces, or even tables!

DIY Baby Shower Decoration #3: The streamer backdrop

This DIY streamer decoration is so simple, and looks fantastic to dress up a white wall. We recommend putting it behind the mother-to-be as she’s unwrapping gifts, behind a food table, or anywhere really! It’s festive and very easy DIY decoration.

What You’ll need for the DIY Streamer Backdrop baby shower decoration.
  • Streamer in a color that fits your theme
  • Scissors
  • Tape
  • A wall
  1. Tape the beginning of your streamer to the wall at an affixed height.
  2. Give the streamer a few twists.
  3. Measure out around 5ft (or more or less, depending on your space!)
  4. Cut your streamer.
  5. Tape the end of the streamer to the wall.
  6. Give around half an inch of distance and tape the next streamer next to the one you just affixed.
  7. Do as many as cover the area you wish.

Could this be any easier DIY? It’s great decoration for those awkward white spaces, is festive and will tie into any theme nicely as long as you have the right color.

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