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Dirty Diaper Game
January 5, 2016

The Dirty Diaper Game

Also known as the chocolate diaper poo game, the diaper game, the chocolate diaper game, or my favorite: NAME THAT POOP. This Baby Shower Dirty Diaper game is a big favorite. Why? Because:

  1. It’s hilarious.
  2. It’s spot on theme-wise.
  3. It’s easy to organize.
  4. It drives the point home: your friend/family member is having a baby and she’ll be dealing with a lot of these dirty diapers (but not nearly as tasty!)

Here’s how the baby shower dirty diaper game works:

Different famous semi-melted candy bars are placed in diapers – just like poos. Each diaper is numbered. Your guests have to guess (by the look and the smell of the poo/candy bar but not the taste!) which dirty diaper corresponds to which candy bar.

Here’s how to prepare the dirty diapers with chocolate bars for your baby shower game:

If you’re ordering from baby showers in a box, we include diapers and chocolate bars. Your job? Make ‘em dirty!

  1. Get your diapers ready.
    a. Number them with a permanent marker. Make the number big and visible. Your guests will need to see this.
    b. Open them up and place them on your guessing surface.
  2. Get your baby shower candy bars ready.
    a. Take your candy bar out of the wrapper
    b. Place it on a microwavable plate
    c. Microwave. You want them liquid.
  3. Place your melted candy bar / baby poop in the diaper by scooping it up with a fork or spoon and spreading it into the diaper. IT will harden and look like a bona fide poop.
  4. Keep track of which candy bar goes on to which diaper by writing it down on your own little cheat sheet.
  5. Do this for each candy bar.
  6. Prepare a sheet naming each candy bar used.
  7. Prepare the sheets on which your guests will write their answers. Make sure they write their name and their best guess as to which candy bar goes with which diaper.
  8. Prepare a place for them to place their answers: a basket or a bowl would do nicely.
  9. Prepare the prize the winner(s) will get. Candy bars might be a good idea :)

Here’s how to play the baby shower dirty diaper game.

  1. Give instructions.
    a. Tell your guests what the aim of the game is: Identify the chocolate bar to the diaper.
    b. Tell them to write their answers on the piece of paper you have prepared for them.
    c. Tell them they can sniff and look, but not taste.
    d. Tell them to put their piece of paper in the place you have provided for them with their guesses & their name.
    e. Tell them the time limit (i.e. when you’ll be checking the answers)
    f. This can be done in teams or as individuals, whatever you prefer!
  2. Wrap up the dirty diaper game and check the answers.
  3. Announce the winner and give them a prize!
  4. You’re done and hopefully you had a really hilarious time with the dirty diaper game!

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