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Baby Sprinkle Invitation
November 10, 2016

Baby Sprinkle Invitations

So you’re welcoming a second (or third or fourth!) baby into the family & community. This is a lovely time to honor the parents-to-be as well as the big-sister-to-be or big-brother-to-be! You don’t need to shower them with gifts, but a sprinkle will do. Here is some more information on Baby Sprinkles as well as templates for the perfect Baby Sprinkle Invitation. If you want to get straight to the invitations, check out our Pinterest Baby Sprinkle Invitation board.

Is it OK having a second shower?

Worried that your friends and family will find you greedy and excessive to throw a second baby shower? Yet find it important to underline this important time with an event? The latest thing is to call it a baby sprinkle! Gifts are not necessary, but if guests insist diapers & usable things may be welcome. After all, the parents have much of what they need thanks to their first bundle of love.

Baby sprinkles are typically lower key & more intimate events. Here are 6 tips on creating your baby sprinkle invitation that will make everyone you love excited to celebrate (and NOT resentful).

  1. Decide on your guest list
    Who is it you (or the parents’) want to celebrate with? Perhaps close family and friends? People who are involved in their lives?
  2. Decide on the true intention of your baby sprinkle
    Typically, this is much lower key than a baby shower. What is the atmosphere you’re going for? Simple gathering? Family party? How will you make this event different than your other events?
  3. What kind of gifts are you expecting? Own it.
    Clarity is usually much more happily received than ambiguity. It’s ALL good. There’s no need to feel guilty for asking for help on diapers and such.
  4. Decide on the look & feel of your invitations.
    Which colours do you want to use? Which patterns? Pick a look for the invitation.
  5. Gather the relevant information.
    Answer the following questions: In honor of whom? Date & Time? Address? Hosts? How to RSVP?
  6. Craft your wording for the more delicate issue of gift expectations.
    You can simply leave it out all together, assuming your guests know what a “sprinkle” is. If you desire no gifts, try something like: “Your presence is our present. Please no gifts.” Of course all of this would be included in your Baby Sprinkle Invitation

Baby Sprinkle Invitation Templates

To explain what’s expected at the sprinkle, here are some beautifully worded templates to use:

“Pins, Diapers, Bottles Galore, (Mom name) and (Dad name) are having one more! Big brother/sister (Name) has plenty to share, So this is only a “sprinkle” to show that we care. A sprinkle of gifts, or advice to share, and the laughter of friends will sprinkle the air. Please join us to celebrate before baby is due! We still do not know if it will be pink or blue.”
Source: Julie

“Little Nose Little Toes Bring Little Gifts Tied Up in Bows Come to a Sprinkle Shower For Merilee’s Second Child All Babies Are a Blessing Join Us In Celebrating the Pending Arrival of Annie’s New Little Arrival at a Sprinkle Shower. They Have the Car Seat They Have the Crib But They Can Never Have Enough of the Love We Have to Give. Join us to Welcome Patty and Tom’s New Little Boy at a Sprinkle Shower. Bring Diapers and Onesies and New Baby Toys. Just small little gifts to share in their joy.”

Our second favorite Baby Sprinkle invitation:
“Let’s get the set ready for the star of this sequel, Instead of a shower, we forecast a sprinkle. You may remember the first was a Mister, Now join us in welcoming his first little Sister! Not much is needed, just the basics will do, Such as diapers and clothes are welcomed from you. If you bring diapers, a great prize you may win, In a raffle we’ll be sure to put your name in. So let’s eat some good food and fun games we will play, We hope you can come, it would just make our day!”
Source: Amber,

“Blankies, diapers, love, and joy, (Mother’s name) and (Father’s name) are expecting a boy. This is a baby “Sprinkle” to show that we care, And congratulations to mom we can all share.”

“Justin, Jacob and Jeremy have lots to share This is only a sprinkle to show that we care! Our little brother will soon be here to stay So lets celebrate before his big day!”

Our favorite Baby Sprinke Invitation:
“Pins, Diapers, Bottles Galore (mom) and (dad) are having one more. If a gift you wish to bring, “Please remember this one thing, As this is Baby Number Two, A simple thing we ask of you. Most they have, but a few they need, Smaller things like nappies, and bottles to feed, Diapers, bibs, lotion and shampoo, or something adorable in baby blue!”
Source: Michaela from

“We are Tickled Pink and Happy to Say Sweet Little (baby’s name here) is on her way! Let’s help (Mom’s name) and (Dad’s name) welcome baby number two No need for a showering of gifts…. just a Sprinkle will do!”
Source: Jessica from

That’s it for now! Good luck with your Baby Sprinkle and good luck writing your Baby Sprinkle Invitation!

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