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Baby Shower Invitation
January 31, 2017

Baby Shower Invitations

You’re organizing a baby shower and it’s time to send out your baby shower invitations! This is your first concrete act of creativity, and you want to be make sure it makes a good impression on your guests – you want them to come after all! It’s the first indicator of what kind of baby shower you will be having, so you want to make sure it’s aligned with the theme you’ve chosen.

When to send your baby shower invitation

This depends on your guests. Do you see them all the time, and they need very little notice? Or are some coming from out of town? Typically, you want to give 4 to 6 weeks notice to your guests. This gives them time to make sure they’re available, to make travel arrangements if necessary, and to do some gift shopping.

How to send your baby shower invitation

There are essentially two options: Digitally or by mail. People are likely to pay more attention if they get it by mail, but a digital invitation is much quicker and more cost-effective.

If you’re inviting people digitally, you can do it via:

  • Facebook: You can create an ambiance in your baby shower event using a beautiful cover picture for your event. If this is where your friends are, it can be very effective and an easy way to keep track of RSVPs, but not necessarily very special.
  • Sites like These will send an electronic baby shower invitation via e-mail to your guests. These have the advantage of really delivering a party atmosphere with the invitation.
  • E-mail: It can be great to stay simple. See if you can get creative within your e-mail to convey the festive atmosphere.

If it’s by mail you’re sending out your baby shower invitations, you can:

  • Get custom baby shower invitations printed
  • Buy baby shower invitations
  • Design your own baby shower invitations
  • Think outside of the box and go 3D! Maybe a message in a baby bottle, or an edible invitation. Up to you!
  • A handwritten invitation
  • A handmade invitation

Elements to include in your baby shower invitation:

Every baby shower invitation must include certain elements. These will prepare your guests adequately for the event to come, and will answer their questions preemptively, saving you a lot of time!

Design wise, you want to keep it as simple as possible. Yet, this is also the calling card for the event and the important information should be there. Decide accordingly.

  • Mother’s name.
  • The date of the baby shower.
  • The time of the baby shower.
  • The location of the baby shower.
  • The host of the baby shower.
  • What kind of meal will be included?
  • Who is invited. (Kids & Husbands too?)
  • Gift information. (Is there a registry?)
  • The name and/or gender of the expected baby
  • RSVP information
  • RSVP deadline

Finally, add a personal touch, or some element of whimsy that prepares your guests for the event to come. Create the atmosphere using clever wording and cute design elements. For baby shower invitation wording, click on to read the next article!

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