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Baby Shower Ideas
September 2, 2016

Great Ideas for your Baby Shower

A baby shower is an amazing time to showcase your hostess creativity and skills. You’ve come to the right place for baby shower ideas. You’re going to need baby shower ideas for the games you’ll play, for the prizes you’ll give out, for the general theme of your shower as well as decorations, tableware, invitations and venues! Grab a pen and paper and write down all the baby shower ideas you want to do!

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Baby shower ideas for games

A great shower idea is to have lots and lots of games. It entertains your guests and separates your event from the other gatherings you may have. A good idea for your baby shower is to have different types of games – some that are played in a team, some that can be done during the party, some that need everyone’s full attention.

The dirty diaper game
This is a great shower idea to incorporate. Your friends may have referred to it as the “candy bar” baby shower game, which is a much more flattering name. The principle is this: Different semi-melted chocolate bars are placed in diapers. The effect is amazing: Dirty Diaper. They look like little baby turds and it’s hilarious trying to guess which candy bar is which. Each guest must guess which dirty diaper goes with which candy bar.

Baby Shower Pins Game
This is another classic often played at baby showers. It’s a great shower idea, because it’s played throughout the shower and needs virtually no organization on your part. Just pins and simple instructions when people arrive. The rest takes care of itself. Upon arrival, every guest gets a number of clothes pins (3 or 5 is often recommended). They pin these to their shirt. Each pin constitutes a point. The game is very simple. Every time you catch someone saying “Baby” (or any other word you wish to ban), you get to steal their pin!

A great idea to make your baby shower games a success is to have some prizes for the winners. It doesn’t need to be anything expensive, people simply enjoy winning. It’s a great shower idea to stoke the competitive fires of your game participants. Prizes can be included in your baby shower in a box package if you so desire!

Baby shower ideas for themes

A theme is a really good trick to help you make your decoration, game, party favor & table ware decisions! It’s a good shower idea to have all of the different elements tie together harmoniously as well as tie in with the obvious theme of : welcoming a new baby into the world. There can be as many shower theme ideas as there are people. You can get very creative with this! Why it’s a good idea to have a theme for your shower: Makes planning simpler, it’s fun & sets the mood. It can be as complex or simple as you want. There are tons of ideas if you follow these links: baby shower themes, Baby Shower Themes for Boys, Baby Shower Themes for Girls.

A few baby shower theme ideas include: Baby animals, Rustic/Outdoors, Safari Theme, Princess Theme, etc. It’s often possible to tie your theme into all the elements of your party: Napkins, Plates, Cups, Centerpieces, Cake, Food, Decoration, Games, etc.

Baby Shower Ideas for Decoration

You can decorate your venue in a million different ways. Tie it to your theme through color or through patterns. Consider your venue to help you with your shower ideas. Can you decorate a lot? Do you have to disassemble your decorations quickly? How much space do you have for decorations? How much do you want to spend?

A few ideas include using simple balloons and streamers for decoration. You may want to consider putting up signs to clarify where your event is. You may also want to decorate the mother to be with a tiara and sash. What about identifying the grand-mother to be with her own sash? Especially if you have a lot of guests who don’t know each other, this is a good idea.

Baby Shower Center Piece ideas

Important for a lot of baby showers is a centerpiece. You can personalize the centerpiece for a boy or for a girl and tie it in with your baby shower theme. This will go a long way to decorate your venue. There are also many DIY options you can do with tissue paper and coffee filters!

Baby Shower Ideas for Tableware

Your baby shower is likely to include a lunch or breakfast, so food will be required! If you’re not doing this at a restaurant, you’ll need to consider about tableware as well. If you don’t want to be dishes for 20 people, consider getting some cute paper cups and plates to allow for a quick clean up! You can also tie in your theme with themed tableware. In this department, you can also get creative with your shower ideas.

Baby Shower Ideas For Places to have your baby shower

When you’re thinking over shower ideas, one of the most important decisions will be where you’re holding this baby shower. It will affect the ambiance, the possibilities for decoration, and the number of guests you’re able to host as well as WHO you may able to host. Some families will refuse to set foot in someone else’s house.

A few venue ideas include:
Restaurant, Backyard, Living Room, Reception hall, Hotel, have a look at our article on places to host your baby shower for more ideas.

Baby Shower Ideas For Party Favors

You’ll want to thank your guests for coming with a great baby shower party favor. It’s a baby shower tradition. It’s not necessary, but it sure is a nice “thank you” from the hostess. If all went well, it’s been a memorable day celebrating the mother-to-be.

A great party favor idea is to tie it in with the theme you had chosen for the baby shower. Make sure you think of your guests and come up with something everybody can enjoy. I.e. If there are a lot of kids, think one way. If there are men and women alike, think another way. If it’s only the girls, think yet another way.

Consider these baby shower ideas for party favors:

  • Something fun. A toy that adults can enjoy as much as the kids: a rubik’s cube, a squishy ball, or even a water pistol! Or perhaps a Frisbee, mini football or soccer ball.
  • Something edible. Nobody wants more clutter in their homes. Candy bars, Beautifully packaged candy, jelly beans or chocolate. Get creative with your packaging to tie it in with your theme. Jellybeans in a baby bottle?
  • Something beauty-related. How about a cute bracelet? Beauty products? These can be simple samples or a favorite hand cream, lip gloss or nail polish.
  • Something relaxing. Maybe some aromatherapy? Or bath crystals? Scented candles?

Baby Shower Ideas for Invitations

Your baby shower invitation sets the tone. A party is on its way, and you’re invited! Make sure you have already thought of your theme before you send out your invitation. An invitation a chance to cultivate pre-event excitement in your guests and to give them something to look forward to. Make sure your invitation screams “Welcome”, “We want you celebrating with us”. It doesn’t matter if you do this electronically or in the mail. This can be a wonderful part of the process!

Baby Shower Ideas for your invitations

A hand-written note: Nothing says personal invite like a hand-written note. It’s traditional and lovely. And it stands out!! Invitations that tie in with your creative theme: Create them in your own way! A card in the shape of a turtle, or make it full of beautiful baby sprinkle***, or a princess baby shower invitation***. Your imagination is the only limit and this can be so much fun.

E-mail: A sweet and simple e-mail inviting the guests can be the most practical. Add something of your theme in there and you’re golden.

Facebook/Whatever social media your guests are on: Remember that some people get a lot of invitations, so make sure yours stands out with picking a fantastic cover picture for your event and perhaps following up personally.

That’s it for now! Stay tuned for our next article on baby shower ideas!

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