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Baby Shower Favors
December 4, 2015

Baby Shower Favors

Letting your guests go home with a Baby Shower favor is a sure-fire way they will remember the wonderful occasion! Many parties seem to omit them nowadays, but with all the fun and creative items you can buy or make, we highly recommend you at least consider them, even if you’ve almost maxed out your budget.

The Four Factors

There are four main factors that go into picking which baby shower favors to give to your guests: the theme of your party, the age of your guests, the amount of guests you will be receiving, and your budget.

Of course your favor will have to match your theme, at least the color but if you have enough time you could have them match your theme perfectly. This shouldn’t be too difficult, there are so many wonderful ideas out there (and below), that even if you have a very obscure theme, you should find at least 2 or 3 you can use with only slight modifications.

The number of guests will obviously be a factor in deciding whether or not to go the do-it-yourself route, if you’re expecting 100 guests and doing this all alone, you probably should buy something store bought or omit baby shower favors altogether.

Finally the two most simple factors, your budget and the age of your guests, if you haven’t budgeted much for party favors then you’ll want to keep it simple and if your guests will be in a certain age bracket, then pick something they’ll like.

DIY Baby Shower favors or from a stores?

The favors you’ll be offering if you go the store-bought route include the following: soaps, skin-care products, fancy candy and chocolate and candles. Going the DIY route opens you up to so many options, we recommend you have a look at your Baby Shower Favors Pinterest board, this Martha Stewart baby shower favors page or Etsy.

We will soon be offering our very own favors (many of which are created in-house!) stay tuned!

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