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Baby Shower Decorations
March 2, 2016

Decorations for your Baby Shower

The fun part of preparing a baby shower: Decoration! You get to show off your creative skills and transform your space into having a truly great party atmosphere. Baby Shower decorations can range from simple balloons to incredibly craftily made centerpieces.

All of your baby shower decorations (centerpieces, napkins, plates & tableware, etc.), are the expression of the theme you chose. Click here to choose your baby shower theme. When done right, your decorations will provide the right atmosphere to celebrate the mama-to-be.

Before you start choosing your baby shower decorations, consider the following

What is your theme? What kind of baby shower are you hosting? What do you want it to feel like?
You can get inspiration for themes here. The theme will indicate how intensely you want to decorate. You’ll know with which colors to decorate and what to pick so that all your elements come together into a coherent decorative whole.

Where are you hosting this baby shower?
A grand hall? At someone’s house? (To get inspiration for places to host a baby shower, click here).

Every location has natural strong points. When decorating your baby shower you want to work with the strong points. Does your venue have a grand entrance? Or rather a cozy feel? Is it spacious?

This is your canvas. Identify what the strong points are and enhance them with your decorations. When you’re decorating, don’t attempt to make a grand & elegant place into the homiest & coziest area. It won’t work and will end up looking odd and vice versa.

Use the natural focal points of your space to add decoration. Add a few cute rubber duckies to the fire place, or highlight the beautiful spiral staircase with streamers and balloons. There are opportunities in your space and highlight them with gorgeous baby shower decorations.

Where will your guests spend their time?
Decorate there where your babyshower guests will see it! This will create a lovely party atmosphere and your guests will feel welcome everywhere they go. The main room obviously needs the decoration, but also remember the hallway, entryway and bathrooms!

What will the guests be doing?
If your baby shower involves a lot of fun running around, make sure the decoration is robust enough to handle it – and not in the way! If it’s more of a sit down affair, decorate the tables with some beautiful centerpieces – but make sure people can see over them.

If you’re having a buffet, make you sure the table looks GREAT!

Where will the baby shower gifts be unwrapped?
Considering this is one of the main events of the baby shower, make sure there’s enough room for the guests and for the mother, but also transform the room into a baby shower heaven with your decorations. This will be an important place for the baby shower and its decorations.

Don’t forget to decorate for the other senses!
A visually stunning baby shower is still not completely decorated. You can also decorate the space with delightful aromatherapy, with music, and make sure the food is displayed in an appetizing and inviting way!

Some really crafty materials to create beautiful baby shower decorations with:

  • Balloons.
  • Flowers.
  • Tissue Paper.
  • Streamers.
  • Coloured Paper.

Let your creativity run wild with baby shower decorations!

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