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Baby Shower Centerpieces
October 25, 2016

Baby Shower Centerpieces

Your baby shower centerpieces will tie the baby shower decorations together. The centerpieces will be the focus of attention on your dining tables, and service tables. They are a great opportunity to decorate in accordance with your baby shower theme and will liven up your baby shower!

7 Tips for your baby shower centerpieces:

  1. Be mindful of your guests’ lines of sight: Make sure the centerpieces for the dining tables are low, otherwise you’ll impede on your baby shower guests’ conversations. Make sure everyone can see the main areas of the baby shower: the gift unwrapping, the games, the mother-to-be.
  2. Fill the space with a mix of lower and taller centerpieces: Although you want to make sure all the baby shower centerpieces allow for unobstructed lines of sight, be sure to include some taller centerpieces as well. This will fill the space and create a better party atmosphere. If you cannot make any tall centerpieces, consider hanging things from the ceiling.
  3. Think of how you will reuse the centerpieces once the baby shower is done:A great idea for a baby shower centerpiece is to use them as party favours as the event is done. Centerpieces using candy are perfect for this.
  4. Another idea is to repurpose useful baby items as your centerpiece. Add ribbons and candy to baby bottles, or roll up baby socks as roses. More ideas below.
  5. Harmonize the baby shower centerpieces with the baby shower theme and colors: This will tie the event together and give a great feel to your baby shower. If you have a safari baby shower theme, include baby animal toys as your centerpieces for instance. If you’ve got a shabby chic theme, use mason jars dressed up in lace as your centerpieces. Possibilities are endless, so make sure you have some idea of your theme, otherwise your baby shower will look confusing.
  6. Get interactive!:Combine your centerpiece with an activity, presented in a visually stunning way.
  7. Think of how much room you actually have:What else will you be using your tables for?
  8. Use fruits, flowers, candles, candy, toys or baby things as your baby shower centerpieces! (Or a combination thereof): You can get as creative as you like with your centerpieces! Following are some good ideas!

17 Baby Shower Centerpieces ideas for a boy

  1. A rubber ducky bath in a bowl
  2. A rubber ducky in a glass round vase with blue marbles
  3. Bowties in a cup
  4. Mustaches & Ties in a vase
  5. Diaper Cakes decorated with your theme
  6. Robot diaper cake centerpiece for a boy
  7. Blue candy in a jar
  8. Blue mason jars with flowers/paper flowers
  9. Balloon babies
  10. Toy trucks spray painted in your theme color
  11. Baby Bottles with candy
  12. Colored water with floating candles
  13. Simple fruit basket centerpiece
  14. Fabric roses in a mason jar
  15. Treebranch centerpiece
  16. Submerged silk flower
  17. Balloon centerpiece

17 Baby Shower Centerpieces for a girl

  1. Pink Rose Petal Centerpiece
  2. Stack a few pink boxes with candles
  3. Tissue Pompons
  4. Flowers in a vase/mason jar/teacup/box/…
  5. Spray painted baby toys in your theme color
  6. Diaper Cakes
  7. Lollipop Bouquets
  8. Candles in mason jars
  9. Branches in a glittery jar, decorated with baby things
  10. Flowers in a baby bottle
  11. Candy in baby bottles
  12. Paper decorations in a mason jar
  13. Vases decorated with ribbons & streamers
  14. Tutu centerpiece
  15. Diapercakes decorated in your theme
  16. Candy dispensers
  17. Balloon centerpiece

For more wonderful centerpiece ideas, visit our baby shower centerpieces pinterest inspiration board

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