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Baby Shower Cakes
July 28, 2016

Should I have a Baby Shower Cake?

Although not necessary, a cake is always great to have (and eat!) at a Baby Shower. The perfect baby shower cakes depends on what type of food you will have served before (ie. a big meal or finger food) you can offer anything from cupcakes or banana bread or even a “croquembouche” (doesn’t this thing look delicious!).

What type of baby shower cake?

To decide what type of cake you would like to cook, we’d recommend taking into account your budget, the number of guests and their age, as well as how much food they will have eaten before hand. As well, baking a cake can be a bit tricky (especially if you bake it the day of and have 20 other things to do). One option is to buy a store-baked cake, these are always a little more expensive than they should be but this way you’ll get it done with and get go back to worrying about other things.

The favorites

If you do decide that you would like to bake your own cake, here are a few of our favorite options. Remember that you’re going to want to match your cake with whatever theme you have picked, in the worst case scenario your cake and theme are the same colour, in the best case scenario your boat shaped cupcakes (is that even possible?) fit perfectly with your nautical theme.

Finally, you can either bake one large cake that everyone will share, or smaller individual portions in the form of cupcakes, muffins, macarons or something similar. This article will only deal with cakes, so have a look at our baby shower food and baby shower desserts pages for other ideas.

And now, our top baby shower cakes:

  1. Angel cake or Sponge cake
  2. Apple Pie
  3. Cheesecake
  4. Carrot Cake
  5. Raspberry Cream Cheese Coffee Cake
  6. Ombre Cake

Now it’s your turn

Hopefully the links above will have given you a good idea of what kind of baby shower cake you can bake for your baby shower. Of course there are many, many more options, for more have a look at our Baby Shower Cakes pinterest board.

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