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Baby Boy Baby Shower Themes
July 30, 2016

Boy Baby Showers

Nothing better to welcome a new soul to the world than gathering the community together for the mother before the baby is born. And “It’s a boy!”. There are so many cute and fun ideas for a baby boy baby shower theme that you’ll never know how to choose!

How to choose your baby boy baby shower theme:

The theme for this baby boy’s baby shower will set the tone of your party!

What mood do you want to invite your guests to share at this party? Really fun baby boy type playing? Simple gathering with a twist? Dreamy, cozy, lovely? Elegant? Consider the venue for your party? Will you be having an outdoor BBQ? Or a sit-down fancy brunch?

Your boy baby shower theme can play on that in a really great way!

Ideas for a more active high energy baby boy baby shower theme:
  • Sports theme: Football, Hockey, Basketball, etc.
  • Rockstar baby shower theme
  • Circus baby shower theme
  • Cowboy theme
  • Cars & trucks
  • Safari theme
  • Lil Sailorman
  • Superheroes
Ideas for a more relaxed & elegant baby boy baby shower theme:
  • Dream theme
  • Baby animal theme: Baby elephant, Baby zebra, Baby turtle, Baby giraffe, Baby horse, Bumblebee, Etc.
  • Old world Glam
  • Old world Hollywood
  • Lullaby theme
Other ideas for a baby boy shower theme
  • Little Rascals baby shower theme
  • Airplane themed
  • Rustic/Casual
  • Disney themed
  • Seasonal theme
  • Religious theme
  • Baby’s schedule theme
  • Baby’s nursery theme
  • Dr Seuss theme
  • A color (Fire engine red, blue, midnight blue…)
  • A pattern (polkadots, stripes, etc.)

To make your baby shower a success, consider picking a theme and organizing the games, plates, cups around it, making it into a coherent whole. Pick a color scheme and stick with it. For boys, blues are nice as well as earth colors and fire engine red. Let your creativity run wild, or keep it real simple (both are awesome!) and your baby boy shower theme will be amazing.

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