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  • Baby Showers in a Box

    Everything you Need for a Baby Shower in One Quick and Easy Purchase

    baby shower decorations


    Everything you need to beautifully decorate your room and table!

    baby shower games and prizes

    Games & Prizes

    The three most popular Baby Shower games with prizes and all the props you need.

    baby shower diaper cake

    Diaper Cake

    A beautiful diaper cake that doubles as a gift for the mom-do-be.

    baby shower invitations

    Much More

    Cello bags, thank you cards, words for mom activity and more!

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    Why Get a Baby Shower in a Box?

    Baby Showers have gotten out of hand: decorations, games, prizes, food, invitations. Where does it start and most importantly, where does it end? Our all-in-one Baby Shower packages give you everything you need in one quick purchase.

    No more overwhelm, stress & resentment

    This can be a totally stress free & fun process for you. Just press “buy”, choose your super cute theme and wait for it to be delivered at your door!

    Cut 7 hours of Driving & Shopping Time

    The average baby shower takes over 7 hours to prepare. That’s a lot of driving & shopping. If you don’t have the time, a baby shower in a box is a smart choice.

    Everything you need

    You can stop stressing about “did I include everything!?”, “Does it match?”. We’ve done that work for you. Everything you need for one table: Banners, Decorations, Diaper cake, Favors, Games, Activities & Prizes.

    Personalization without the pressure

    You can still realize your Pinterest fuelled dreams and put all your heart into the baby shower! Without the pressure. All the basics are covered. You’ll still have invitations to send out, people to coordinate and food to prepare (which usually ends up being one of the funnest parts!)

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How does Baby Showers in a Box work? What’s the return policy? What’s included in the box? Can I adapt this to my baby shower? How quick is shipping and how much is it?